Pinnaca selects REC.VC for cloud-based recording and streaming of video meetings

Pinnaca, a leading provider of managed videoconferencing, telepresence and visual collaboration services, has launched Pinnaca Record and Stream, a new cloud service that easily records, shares and streams video meetings and conference calls.  Pinnaca is partnering with MNS.VC, a global provider of value added cloud applications for visual communications.

Pinnaca Record and Stream adds high quality audio/video recording to any video meeting by augmenting the call with a video recording address.  Pinnaca’s new service automatically stores recorded multipoint meetings or personal video messages into the personal recording portal, allowing users to share their recordings to anyone at anytime.  In addition, a user is able to utilize simplified live streaming with up to 500 participants.

“We are excited to partner with Pinnaca to empower every video conferencing user to record and share video calls and video meetings,” said Kjell Oksendal, MNS.VC’s CMO and SVP of global alliances.  “We want the recording of conferences to be easy and affordable.  And we believe the power of sharing discussions, trainings and knowledge through streaming increases the value of visual collaboration for organizations.”

Pinnaca’s new cloud service ensures high quality recording and streaming regardless of the location of the recording source and where viewers are located.  REC.VC nodes are distributed across the world to comply with customers demand for in-country recording, streaming and storage, and to provide users with close proximity for video playback.

The new partnership with MNS.VC also enhances Pinnaca’s portfolio for the company’s global clients by leveraging partnerships with leaders in telecommunications services.

“We are very excited to augment MNS.VC’s offerings with our VCaaS service offerings,” said Dan Tanel, CTO of Pinnaca.   “MNS.VC excels in delivering reliable cloud-based communication solutions, and its go-to-market footprint complements our global service delivery capabilities.”

Pinnaca is highly regarded for its managed and cloud-based conferencing solutions, bringing visual communications to every boardroom, desktop and mobile device, making visual collaboration an easy-to-use business productivity tool for any enterprise across the globe.

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