April 3rd, 2019 by admin

We invite existing resellers and customers to test the soon to be released REC.VC RTMP Recording feature enabling capture from any RTMP source including:

  • Pexip (as an alternative to SIP)
  • Video/audio mixers
  • IP cameras

REC.VC RTMP recording will capture any quality received, so if you send 720p, 1080p or 4K, it will be recorded and stored in the original quality.

To test the REC.VC RTMP Recording feature in Private Beta, please email support@rec.vc with your recorder SIP URI to receive information on how to use the RTMP recording feature.

New to REC.VC? Sign up for a free trial and we’ll notify you when we move to public beta.

We appreciate your help in testing this new feature!

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January 30th, 2019 by admin

REC.VC makes it easy to securely live stream from Cisco Webex to YouTube, Periscope, Facebook, or any third-party RTMP destination. Use cases include:

  • Live streaming of townhall meetings, e.g. from a Cisco Webex Board
  • Live streaming of quarterly analyst calls, e.g. from a Cisco Webex meeting
  • Live streaming of customer training from Cisco Webex to YouTube

New to REC.VC? Visit wbx.rec.vc for free trial and to learn more about how the REC.VC recording & streaming cloud service works with Cisco Webex.

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