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Media Network Services (MNS), a global provider of value added cloud applications and network services for visual communications, today announced general availability of REC.VC Live Streaming over global CDN to any standard device for SIP and H.323 video conferencing endpoints and virtual meeting rooms.

“When REC.VC was first launched this summer, it was really a game changer to the legacy, expensive, on-premise, complex, video recording offerings in the market. We have taken the exact same approach with REC.VC Live Streaming and removed the complexity and prohibitive cost of the typical live streaming equation. It is with great pride we today are to introduce the most easy-to-use live streaming global HD quality cloud service for video conferencing users,” says Kjell Oksendal, CMO and SVP Global Alliances at MNS.

MNS and CBCI Telecom have partnered to offer REC.VC Recording and Live Streaming to the Canadian market.

Jackie Chisholm, Director of Managed Services at CBCI Telecom, together with her team, has had early access to REC.VC Live Streaming:

“We provided REC.VC to several of our customers, most notably, a Bar Association. We provided the CBCI Telecom visual collaboration Event Solution 8 training seminars live to 500+ lawyers remotely using the CBCI Telecom and REC.VC service.   CBCI Telecom and our client were very impressed with the ease-of-use and quality of the REC.VC recording and live streaming service, combined with the professional support of the MNS team.”

REC.VC Live Streaming is suitable for ad-hoc meetings, townhall meetings, customer events, lectures, seminars, and more. Free trial of REC.VC Live Streaming is available on streaming.rec.vc/#/register.

REC.VC is a QoS.VC cloud service with 11 worldwide access and distribution points to its dedicated, capacity guaranteed, worldwide network. QoS.VC ensures uncongested streams for recording and live streaming.

To celebrate the launch of REC.VC Live Streaming MNS is hosting a webcast titled “Streaming Live from Your Video Conference System to Any Device” on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016, at 1.00 PM CET and 3.00 PM Eastern.

Media contact:
Kjell Oksendal, kjell (at ) mns.vc, +47 91845414

About MNS

Media Network Services (MNS) is a global provider of value added cloud applications for Visual Collaboration (VC). Products and services include QoS.VC the global network platform for VC, REC.VC Global Recording and Streaming Cloud Service, and IVR.VC Global Video IVR.

All trade names, trademarks, and/or service marks herein are owned by their respective holders.

About CBCI Telecom

CBCI Telecom is Canada’s pioneer in Unified Communication and Collaboration, helping businesses and organizations effectively connect, communicate, collaborate, work and learn since 1988.

CBCI continues its leadership in development of innovative solutions in the market along with industry leading vendors.

CBCI Telecom offers a full range of Video Managed Services allowing anyone to join.

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October 27th, 2015 by admin

IVCi, LLC a leading provider of collaboration services and solutions announced today IVCi Cloud Recording and Streaming Cloud Service.

IVCi Cloud Recording and streaming is powered by Oslo-based MNS.VC and provides a global cloud platform for recording, sharing and streaming of video calls, video meetings and live events.

“We are very excited to offer our customers a new, easy-to-use way to record, share and distribute, directly from their video conferencing endpoint or virtual meeting room,” said Chris Böttger Senior Vice President of Collaboration Services at IVCi. “IVCi Cloud recording uses the same global video network that our Cloud Video Experience customers use ensuring a high quality recording experience as well as a high quality live distribution experience through a global Content Distribution Network (CDN).”

“We are proud to partner with IVCi and value their commitment to always providing customers with powerful cloud based visual collaboration services. The partnership proves that REC.VC’s white label and integration capabilities are a perfect fit for integrating in a service such as IVCI’s Cloud Video Experience or even stand alone,” said Kjell Oksendal, CMO and SVP Global Alliances at MNS.VC.

IVCi customers and others can sign-up for a free trial of the new IVCi Recording & Streaming Cloud service on http://recportal.ivcicloud.net

REC.VC is deployed across the world to ensure close proximity to users’ locations, rapid playback/download, and regional storage. It is provided as a QoS.VC cloud service to ensure the best possible recording quality regardless of user location, and uses dedicated data centers with 24/7 monitoring for high availability and security. REC.VC nodes for on-premise recording and storage are also available upon request.

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