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September 1st, 2017 by admin

funnel-diagramLead generation is, of course, important for any business with growth aspiration. Your video conference business may be using a number of techniques to attract and nurture leads including content marketing, email marketing, search marketing, social marketing, and more.

One key challenge is to increase the lead to prospect ratio. In other words, you want to get more of the people that have at some point in the past shown an interest in your company in one way or another, to actually evaluate and potentially buy your products and services.

As a video conference business, you probably have multiple mechanisms in place to convert leads to prospects, including quote forms and trial of your virtual meeting room (VMR) service and endpoint registration and calling service.

The REC.VC White Label Edition for video conferencing resellers and service providers not only complements your existing portfolio of video conferencing products and services, it also adds to your existing lead to prospect conversion activities as it includes complete free trial functionality.

The white label edition includes the following:

  • 1 white label site and domain (see for details)
  • Unlimited number of 14-day free trial accounts
  • REC.VC Base Group 10 and Live Streaming 100 Subscriptions for your internal/demo use
  • 100% hosted by REC.VC (customers select between US, EU or hosting in Norway)

The trial process work as follows:

  • Person registers via your REC.VC white label site
  • Person receives an activation link by email which automatically creates the trial account
  • You’ll receive email notification for each sign-up and can follow their trial activities via the admin interface.
  • Person’s trial account is automatically disabled after 14 days. The person will still be able to access his/her account to share and download recordings, but will not be able to start any new recording or streaming sessions.

To learn more about how your video conference business can leverage the REC.VC White Label Edition, please contact You can also sign-up for your own trial account via

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June 23rd, 2016 by admin

We are pleased to announce the first version of the REC.VC Admin Interface enabling service integrators, resellers and channel partners to:

  • View and manage customers and prospects in a multi-tenant hierarchy fashion
  • Provision users and recorders for customers and prospects
  • Analyze usage stats for customers and prospects
  • View recording call logs

Access to the Admin Interface can be provided with one of the following permission levels:

  • Admin Read Access
  • Admin Read/Write Access

We’ll initially provide resellers with Admin Read Access and at a later stage when the reseller is comfortable taking ownership of provisioning, provide applicable resellers with Admin Read/Write Access.

End customers can also be granted Admin Read Access to view their own users, recorders, usage stats, and more.

To request Admin Read Access for one or more users, the primary commercial or technical contact with the reseller needs to email and include the name(s) and email address(es) of the applicable user(s). 

The REC.VC Administration Guide for Resellers can be viewed/downloaded from here.

Resellers with REC.VC white label sites can access the Admin Interface using the following address: <white-label-site>/adm
Other resellers can access

Service integrators can also access the same set of Admin features via the REC.VC API.

Screen shot of Recorder list for End Customer


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June 8th, 2016 by admin

Logitech and MNS Team to Deliver an Exceptional Recording & Live Streaming a Experience.

Media Network Services (MNS) today announced that it has joined the Logitech Collaboration Program (LCP) as an Integration partner in the program’s Complementary Technology Provider track. Announced last June, the LCP provides a unique framework for delivering high-quality video collaboration experiences across customer environments. Through the Logitech Collaboration Program, MNS augments the Logitech solutions to provide a more complete and enhanced user experience that is optimized for groups to collaborate anytime and anywhere.

“We have joined the Logitech Collaboration Program as we want to provide MNS REC.VC users with a seamless experience when using Logitech ConferenceCams” says Kjell Oksendal, CMO and SVP Global Alliances at MNS. ”In the very near future, any REC.VC user with a Logitech ConferenceCam can with one click capture and live stream any meeting, training session or quarterly presentation.”

“We are pleased that MNS has joined our program” said Scott Wharton, general manager of Logitech’s video collaboration group. “By closely collaborating with MNS, we are able to offer a better user experience to our joint customers.”

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June 6th, 2016 by admin

Pinnaca, a leading provider of managed videoconferencing, telepresence and visual collaboration services, has launched Pinnaca Record and Stream, a new cloud service that easily records, shares and streams video meetings and conference calls.  Pinnaca is partnering with MNS.VC, a global provider of value added cloud applications for visual communications.

Pinnaca Record and Stream adds high quality audio/video recording to any video meeting by augmenting the call with a video recording address.  Pinnaca’s new service automatically stores recorded multipoint meetings or personal video messages into the personal recording portal, allowing users to share their recordings to anyone at anytime.  In addition, a user is able to utilize simplified live streaming with up to 500 participants.

“We are excited to partner with Pinnaca to empower every video conferencing user to record and share video calls and video meetings,” said Kjell Oksendal, MNS.VC’s CMO and SVP of global alliances.  “We want the recording of conferences to be easy and affordable.  And we believe the power of sharing discussions, trainings and knowledge through streaming increases the value of visual collaboration for organizations.”

Pinnaca’s new cloud service ensures high quality recording and streaming regardless of the location of the recording source and where viewers are located.  REC.VC nodes are distributed across the world to comply with customers demand for in-country recording, streaming and storage, and to provide users with close proximity for video playback.

The new partnership with MNS.VC also enhances Pinnaca’s portfolio for the company’s global clients by leveraging partnerships with leaders in telecommunications services.

“We are very excited to augment MNS.VC’s offerings with our VCaaS service offerings,” said Dan Tanel, CTO of Pinnaca.   “MNS.VC excels in delivering reliable cloud-based communication solutions, and its go-to-market footprint complements our global service delivery capabilities.”

Pinnaca is highly regarded for its managed and cloud-based conferencing solutions, bringing visual communications to every boardroom, desktop and mobile device, making visual collaboration an easy-to-use business productivity tool for any enterprise across the globe.

Learn more:
Take a test drive:

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May 26th, 2016 by admin

MONROEVILLE, Pa., May 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Compunetix, Inc., a global leader in carrier grade infrastructure and high definition video collaboration solutions is pleased to introduce their partnership with Media Network Services (MNS), a leading provider of global network and infrastructure services for visual collaboration. The companies have joined together to offer the MNS cloud-based video recording service REC.VC via the Compunetix EVERGREENâ„¢ video conferencing platform and its visual collaboration solutions. The EVERGREEN was developed with flexible and customizable hardware and open APIs for a truly personalized video offering for any business or enterprise technology ecosystem. The addition of REC.VC capabilities will make video session recording simple, intuitive, and easy for EVERGREEN users.

Compunetix will feature REC.VC and the EVERGREEN Companion Suite at InfoComm, June 8-10, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Join Compunetix and MNS on Wednesday, June 8 at booth N2539 for a full demonstration and Q&A session with industry leaders. InfoComm is the largest event in the United States focused on the professional audiovisual industry; with more than 950 exhibitors, thousands of products and 40,000 attendees from 108+ countries, the InfoComm show is the once-a-year opportunity to see the latest technologies. For a free pass to attend this premier event, visit and enter code COM175 when registering.

“We are delighted to partner with Compunetix to provide our REC.VC recording cloud service to customers in tandem with the EVERGREEN platform,” said Hans Fredrik Johansen, CEO of MNS. “Our cloud-based solution is a great example of how easy recording and playback should be for video conferencing users.”

“Adding a self-serve cloud based recording solution to the feature-rich EVERGREEN MCU and Companion will allow Compunetix customers to record any meeting or message they choose easily. We chose REC.VC because of its ease of use and simplicity, enabling customers to record meetings in an instant,” said James Klueber, Manager of the Compunetix Video Systems Division (VSD). “We are pleased to join with MNS to deliver a next generation cloud video solution.”

About MNS
Media Network Services (MNS) is a global provider of value added cloud applications for Visual Collaboration (VC). Products and services include QoS.VC the global network platform for VC, REC.VC Global Recording and Streaming Cloud Service, and IVR.VC Global Video IVR. For more information, contact: Kjell Oksendal, Media Network Services,, +47 91845414.

About Compunetix, Inc.
Compunetix is the global leader in carrier-grade multimodal conferencing and collaboration solutions including VoIP and HD video, all powered by superior hardware design. With over one million ports installed in more than 30 countries, the company has the industry’s largest worldwide deployment of digital conferencing systems. Dedicated to customer-focused and innovative technology, Compunetix engineers and manufactures all aspects of its conferencing equipment, ensuring its customers that their media processors are the highest quality, most reliable and most flexible solutions on the market. For more information, call Eric Murphy at +1 (415) 350-6568, or visit Compunetix at

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February 9th, 2016 by admin

Media Network Services (MNS), a global provider of value added cloud applications and network services for visual communications, today announced that StarLeaf, a global video conferencing service provider and manufacturer, has integrated and added MNS’ REC.VC recording to its cloud service.

“We are delighted to partner with StarLeaf and to provide our REC.VC recording cloud service to StarLeaf customers through this fully integrated solution,” said Hans Fredrik Johansen, CEO of MNS. “StarLeaf’s integration is a great example of how easy recording and playback should be for video conferencing users and it is a great testimony to the power of the REC.VC API.”

StarLeaf integrated REC.VC cloud service was launched on February 8th and is offered to StarLeaf customers as an add-on subscription.

“We see strong demand for recording video meetings and expect the new capability to be very popular among our users,“ said Mark Loney, CEO of StarLeaf. “REC.VC fulfills our requirements for a recording cloud service and their API enables us to accelerate introductions of new innovations.”

REC.VC is available to resellers and service providers with white label interface or API for integration with existing video conferencing user interfaces.


Visit for a free trial of the StarLeaf Cloud Service with integrated video recording.

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January 29th, 2016 by admin

Watch this video clip to learn how Jackie Chisholm @ CBCI Telecom is using REC.VC for live streaming and recording of customers’ events.

Source: Let’s Do Video

Are you interested in doing live streaming directly from your video conference endpoint, client or virtual meeting room? Check out our webcast scheduled for February 3rd.


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December 8th, 2015 by admin

REC.VC partners Dan Driscoll from Video Guidance and Dan Giesen from BCS Global talk about the future of video conferencing recording and how they see customers using the their REC.VC white label service.

Source: Let’s Do Video

Do you want to share your REC.VC experience and use cases?
Record your experience and send us the recording.

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November 19th, 2015 by admin

Recording should be a key component in any Video Conferencing (VC) service offering. At REC.VC we are convinced it is best provided to customers and users under the brand of the VC service. Service providers may evaluate one or a combination of the following white label approaches for REC.VC:

  • Register recorder addresses with your domain
  • White label the REC.VC user portal with your brand
  • Add recording button to your existing user interface

Register recorder addresses with your domain

As a service provider, you may already be providing your users with their personal video address or SIP URIs, e.g. You can in a similar fashion provide users with their personal recorder video address, e.g. or

REC.VC recorders can register to any SIP registrar (just like any SIP device) but depending on the use case and interop requirements, registering the recorders to a Cisco VCS may be the way to go. For 1st line support and troubleshooting purposes we recommend that the SIP registrar in question is under your management (which is likely the point anyway since your existing domain(s) point to this SIP registrar). Alternatively, REC.VC can provide SIP registrar whom you can point your domain to (SRV records).

White label the REC.VC user portal with your brand

As multitenant cloud platform, REC.VC enables white label sites per reseller or service provider (and even for each customer subject to commercial terms). Each white label site can be provisioned with:

  • Your preferred domain (e.g. or
  • Your logo, favicon.ico and font(s)
  • Your colors on buttons and backgrounds
  • Your content (title, body, footer, etc)

The white label sites come with an optional registration field enabling resellers and service providers to use the site for lead-gen purposes in addition to providing existing users with a recording and playback user interface.

You may visit and to see examples of REC.VC sites (in addition to the screenshots illustrating this blog post).

REC.VC White label GUI Example

Add recording button to your existing interface

For service providers and vendors/manufacturers wanting to make REC.VC recording, streaming and/or playback an integral part of their existing user interface, we recommend using the REC.VC API which includes all the features and capabilities available in the REC.VC user portal. The API can e.g. be used in the following areas:

  • Provisioning of Companies (in hierarchical structure, parent/child relation), and users and recorders within Companies.
  • Call control for calling out from the recorders (to be used when adding recording button to your existing interface), disconnecting calls, and retrieval of call statistics.
  • Retrieval of recorded video meta data (video thumbnail, title, URL) for playback in your existing user interface or portal.


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October 27th, 2015 by admin

IVCi, LLC a leading provider of collaboration services and solutions announced today IVCi Cloud Recording and Streaming Cloud Service.

IVCi Cloud Recording and streaming is powered by Oslo-based MNS.VC and provides a global cloud platform for recording, sharing and streaming of video calls, video meetings and live events.

“We are very excited to offer our customers a new, easy-to-use way to record, share and distribute, directly from their video conferencing endpoint or virtual meeting room,” said Chris Böttger Senior Vice President of Collaboration Services at IVCi. “IVCi Cloud recording uses the same global video network that our Cloud Video Experience customers use ensuring a high quality recording experience as well as a high quality live distribution experience through a global Content Distribution Network (CDN).”

“We are proud to partner with IVCi and value their commitment to always providing customers with powerful cloud based visual collaboration services. The partnership proves that REC.VC’s white label and integration capabilities are a perfect fit for integrating in a service such as IVCI’s Cloud Video Experience or even stand alone,” said Kjell Oksendal, CMO and SVP Global Alliances at MNS.VC.

IVCi customers and others can sign-up for a free trial of the new IVCi Recording & Streaming Cloud service on

REC.VC is deployed across the world to ensure close proximity to users’ locations, rapid playback/download, and regional storage. It is provided as a QoS.VC cloud service to ensure the best possible recording quality regardless of user location, and uses dedicated data centers with 24/7 monitoring for high availability and security. REC.VC nodes for on-premise recording and storage are also available upon request.

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