November 17th, 2016 by admin

Today we released a beta version of the new REC.VC user interface on and on all white label partner sites. The new beta user interface will live alongside the existing user interface for some time and users will be able to switch between the two user interfaces.

Key highlights of the new beta user interface include:

  • Improved handling of the Source for recording & streaming activity
    • Select between Video conference (SIP/H.323), Connected camera (WebRTC) and SfB
  • Easy switching between the Modes: Record-only and Stream & Record
  • Enhanced rendering on hand-held devices

We invite any REC.VC user (partner, customer or prospect) to test the beta user interface. New users can register for a free trial account on

How to test

Login to your existing REC.VC account on or on your white label site. From there, click on the graphic similar to the one below, to switch from the existing user interface to the beta user interface.


Give us feedback!

We appreciate any feedback and the new beta user interface includes a Feedback button in the lower right hand corner of the interface, enabling users to submit their feedback.

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September 15th, 2016 by admin

Media Network Services (MNS), the leader in cloud-based recording & streaming of video meetings, today announced general availability of REC.VC with support for Skype for Business (SfB) video recording & streaming.

“Today is a great day for Skype for Business users around the world as we have removed the complexity of recording and streaming. They can now record or stream a video meeting or event simply by calling their REC.VC video address from the SfB client on their PC or Microsoft Surface Hub,” said Kjell Oksendal, CMO and SVP Global Alliances. “For organizations with multiplatform collaboration environments including Cisco, Microsoft, Pexip and Polycom, REC.VC is the perfect cross-platform option to simplify video meeting recording & streaming.”

REC.VC is delivered as a global cloud service with production environments in North America and Europe, and a global network for best input and output quality regardless of source and viewer locations.

REC.VC subscriptions start at USD 99 per month for organization-wide deployment.

Visit for further details about REC.VC for Skype for Business and free trial.

Video tutorial on how to record a Skype for Business meeting:

Video tutorial on how to stream a Skype for Business meeting:


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September 6th, 2016 by admin

Watch this video to learn how you easily can record a Pexip meeting with REC.VC

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June 30th, 2016 by admin

New version of REC.VC released.

Google ChromeMedia Network Services (MNS), a global provider of value added cloud applications and network services for visual collaboration, today announced that a new version of REC.VC has been released. Users can with the new version record and stream video and desktop content to any device, directly from Google Chrome using e.g. any Logitech ConferenceCam.

“One year ago we revolutionized recording and streaming for video conferencing endpoints and virtual meeting rooms by making it easy, affordable and available in the cloud. Today we are proud to give the same one-click recording and streaming capability and experience to anyone with Google Chrome and a connected or integrated camera, “ says Kjell Oksendal, CMO and SVP Global Alliances at MNS.

REC.VC supported use cases range from recording of internal meetings, trainings, and recruitments, to live streaming of town hall meetings, customer events and quarterly financial presentations.

“We are pleased that MNS has joined the Logitech Collaboration Program” said Scott Wharton, general manager of Logitech’s video collaboration group. “MNS’ integration of REC.VC with Logitech ConferenceCams is designed to offer our joint customers simple and affordable recording and streaming for their video meetings.”

REC.VC is leveraging the WebRTC framework to enable in-browser recording and streaming without plugins or third-party software download.

REC.VC is available as a cloud service with organization-wide subscription starting as low as $99 per month. 14 day free trial is available at

See also REC.VC User Help for additional information.


About MNS

Media Network Services (MNS) is a global provider of value added cloud applications for Visual Collaboration (VC). Products and services include QoS.VC the global network platform for VC, REC.VC Global Recording and Streaming Cloud Service, and IVR.VC Global Video IVR. See for further details.

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February 9th, 2016 by admin

Media Network Services (MNS), a global provider of value added cloud applications and network services for visual communications, today announced that StarLeaf, a global video conferencing service provider and manufacturer, has integrated and added MNS’ REC.VC recording to its cloud service.

“We are delighted to partner with StarLeaf and to provide our REC.VC recording cloud service to StarLeaf customers through this fully integrated solution,” said Hans Fredrik Johansen, CEO of MNS. “StarLeaf’s integration is a great example of how easy recording and playback should be for video conferencing users and it is a great testimony to the power of the REC.VC API.”

StarLeaf integrated REC.VC cloud service was launched on February 8th and is offered to StarLeaf customers as an add-on subscription.

“We see strong demand for recording video meetings and expect the new capability to be very popular among our users,“ said Mark Loney, CEO of StarLeaf. “REC.VC fulfills our requirements for a recording cloud service and their API enables us to accelerate introductions of new innovations.”

REC.VC is available to resellers and service providers with white label interface or API for integration with existing video conferencing user interfaces.


Visit for a free trial of the StarLeaf Cloud Service with integrated video recording.

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November 19th, 2015 by admin

Recording should be a key component in any Video Conferencing (VC) service offering. At REC.VC we are convinced it is best provided to customers and users under the brand of the VC service. Service providers may evaluate one or a combination of the following white label approaches for REC.VC:

  • Register recorder addresses with your domain
  • White label the REC.VC user portal with your brand
  • Add recording button to your existing user interface

Register recorder addresses with your domain

As a service provider, you may already be providing your users with their personal video address or SIP URIs, e.g. You can in a similar fashion provide users with their personal recorder video address, e.g. or

REC.VC recorders can register to any SIP registrar (just like any SIP device) but depending on the use case and interop requirements, registering the recorders to a Cisco VCS may be the way to go. For 1st line support and troubleshooting purposes we recommend that the SIP registrar in question is under your management (which is likely the point anyway since your existing domain(s) point to this SIP registrar). Alternatively, REC.VC can provide SIP registrar whom you can point your domain to (SRV records).

White label the REC.VC user portal with your brand

As multitenant cloud platform, REC.VC enables white label sites per reseller or service provider (and even for each customer subject to commercial terms). Each white label site can be provisioned with:

  • Your preferred domain (e.g. or
  • Your logo, favicon.ico and font(s)
  • Your colors on buttons and backgrounds
  • Your content (title, body, footer, etc)

The white label sites come with an optional registration field enabling resellers and service providers to use the site for lead-gen purposes in addition to providing existing users with a recording and playback user interface.

You may visit and to see examples of REC.VC sites (in addition to the screenshots illustrating this blog post).

REC.VC White label GUI Example

Add recording button to your existing interface

For service providers and vendors/manufacturers wanting to make REC.VC recording, streaming and/or playback an integral part of their existing user interface, we recommend using the REC.VC API which includes all the features and capabilities available in the REC.VC user portal. The API can e.g. be used in the following areas:

  • Provisioning of Companies (in hierarchical structure, parent/child relation), and users and recorders within Companies.
  • Call control for calling out from the recorders (to be used when adding recording button to your existing interface), disconnecting calls, and retrieval of call statistics.
  • Retrieval of recorded video meta data (video thumbnail, title, URL) for playback in your existing user interface or portal.


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October 27th, 2015 by admin

IVCi, LLC a leading provider of collaboration services and solutions announced today IVCi Cloud Recording and Streaming Cloud Service.

IVCi Cloud Recording and streaming is powered by Oslo-based MNS.VC and provides a global cloud platform for recording, sharing and streaming of video calls, video meetings and live events.

“We are very excited to offer our customers a new, easy-to-use way to record, share and distribute, directly from their video conferencing endpoint or virtual meeting room,” said Chris Böttger Senior Vice President of Collaboration Services at IVCi. “IVCi Cloud recording uses the same global video network that our Cloud Video Experience customers use ensuring a high quality recording experience as well as a high quality live distribution experience through a global Content Distribution Network (CDN).”

“We are proud to partner with IVCi and value their commitment to always providing customers with powerful cloud based visual collaboration services. The partnership proves that REC.VC’s white label and integration capabilities are a perfect fit for integrating in a service such as IVCI’s Cloud Video Experience or even stand alone,” said Kjell Oksendal, CMO and SVP Global Alliances at MNS.VC.

IVCi customers and others can sign-up for a free trial of the new IVCi Recording & Streaming Cloud service on

REC.VC is deployed across the world to ensure close proximity to users’ locations, rapid playback/download, and regional storage. It is provided as a QoS.VC cloud service to ensure the best possible recording quality regardless of user location, and uses dedicated data centers with 24/7 monitoring for high availability and security. REC.VC nodes for on-premise recording and storage are also available upon request.

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August 20th, 2015 by admin

Optional REC.VC mixing of content and video

REC.VC records by default based on one stream coming from the remote side (your VMR, endpoint or client) and the mixing of shared content and people is based on the layout settings available on the remote side.

We have in the new release introduced optional REC.VC side mixing, which means that REC.VC will receive two streams (content and people) from the remote side and do the mixing based on the REC.VC standard layout: Shared content covers 100% of the screen while people are placed on top in the right hand corner.

To enable REC.VC side mixing of content and people for your recorder, please email (or simply reply to this email).

Forgot password and reset password

We have in the new release included forgot password functionality available on the login screen. You may click on the Forgot password link, enter your email address and upon submission receive an email containing a password reset link.

Create User API call

For service providers, developers and resellers: We have added a new call to the REC.VC API, enabling creation of REC.VC users via third party platforms and websites. This is introduced as an alternative to the default REC.VC registration page.

Today’s release has not affected any ongoing recordings or the availability of playbacks.

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